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Russell Bedford

Administrative Services

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Thanks to a extensive and significant experience, we can offer complete assistance and consulting on corporate law. Our activities can be summed up as follows:

      • enterprise incorporation and changes to the statute;
      • mergers,  company conversion, demergers, assignments, liquidations and general corporate fulfillments;
      • assistance in selling and buying companies or corporate shares;
      • consulting and assistance with contracts and in managing the relations between share-holders.


Thanks to our significant experience with both national and international Accounting Standards, we can offer accounting and administrative services, particularly in drawing up year end financial statements ( also consolidated  or interim). 

Furthermore, we provide specific assistance in business organization, control management, reporting systems and the development of industrial and business plans.

We also carry out assessments, estimate reports for companies , and assist with planning and financial restructuring. 


The growing complexity and dynamics of the markets make it crucial for companies to deal with extraordinary financial transactions.

Thanks to our past experience and activities we can supply professional services to guide and assist small and medium-sized enterprises interested in:

      • carrying out acquisitions, divestments and general transactions between enterprises;
      • financial consulting aimed at restructuring operations or transactions;
      • assessments for acquisitions, planning and management of the whole project;
      • support and assistance in dealing with banks.;


We offer tax consulting for all possible direct and indirect taxes. The main focus areas are ordinary procedures and tax practices, facilitating tax issues and fiscal planning. Furthermore, we offer consulting services on any extraordinary kind of operation, in particular litigations, internationalization, company fiscal optimization etc.

Since we became familiar with control procedures, we have built up significant consulting experience in tax controls and disputes. We can therefore offer a valid support to deal with a decisive moment in the life of a company. We can follow dispute procedures through all trial stages.


Through several appointments by the judicial authorities we have built a wide experience with pivotal insolvency proceedings. Thanks to our background we can also help insolvent companies draw and realize plans to re-launch and develop their business.